Priyanka Kodikal is a creative lead
based in Berlin, Germany.

Selected Projects
Design for
︎︎︎  Creative Technologies 
︎︎︎  Interactive Spaces
︎︎︎  Service Systems
︎︎︎  Data & Information
︎︎︎  Education
︎︎︎  Virtual Worlds
︎︎︎  Explorative Studies



I am an Interaction Designer with a background in Industrial Design. As Interaction Designer and Consultant, I have worked for companies worldwide. I have envisioned and prototyped products, cross-product services, explored new interaction paradigms, visualised and made tangible future visions for various industries, small and large. Throughout this journey, I have developed methods to prototype ideas quickly in code, for quick implementation and collaboration with engineers. I have worked closely with user researchers and product owners to define roadmaps and user stories. I have also worked with leadership to explore new futures.

I currently lead design and research for Max for Live, Max MSP’s integration platform in Ableton Live. As a Principal Designer, I partner with leadership and teams on cross-product topics and help establish design standards across Ableton + Cycling74. I’m a product-service enthusiast who likes to deep dive into complex topics to uproot meaningful experiences. I specialise in human-centered research to build and bridge product experiences with strategic goals. Achieving simplicity is a complex process which requires various strategies for success. Strategies I have learned and continue to learn, as I apply them in my work.

2017 - Present

Building new musical experiences with Ableton and Cycling 74.

  • Max for Live: Responsible for research, design, strategy and development of integrating Cycling 74’s Max MSP into Ableton products.
  • Ableton Note: Responsible for research, design, strategy and development from start to finish, of Ableton’s first Cloud service in a music product ecosystem.

2014 - Present

Consulting on research, design and strategy.

  • Client-Infini.bx: Startup Advisor on design and development.
  • Client-Hello Digital: Bosch Expo. Interaction Design and Prototyping.
  • Client-LeapCraft: Consulting on Data/information design, Visual and UX design, Product design, video and strategy.
  • Client-Tidepool: Consulting on data/information design, product design, and video.
  • Client-CIIDNest: CoFounder in an EdTech startup. Responsibilities ranged from research, design, strategy and building investor relationships.

2015 - 2017

Consultancy and mentorship in design across different industries. Clients: Cisco, We Work, Smartmatic, Fintech Norway.
  • Designing interactive work spaces through video conferencing products and digital tools.
  • Designing US Election voting booths, apps and websites.
  • Mentoring Fintech Startups on stock analysis tools.

2013 - 2014

Copenhagen Institute of
Interaction Design
Masters programme in interaction design, in Denmark.
  • Interaction design
  • Service design
  • Systems thinking
  • Futurecasting

2011 - 2012

Umeå Institute of Design
Masters programme in industrial design with business strategy minor, in Sweden.
  • Industrial design focus
  • Business Strategy minor

2010 - 2011

Designing services in emerging markets.
  • R&D projects on mobile phone usage in rural India.
  • R&D projects on digital education and career development for rural populations.

2006 - 2010

Srishti School of Art, Design
and Technology
Undergraduate programme, Product Design, in India.
  • Industrial design focus.
  • Graphic design foundations.