Priyanka Kodikal is a creative lead
based in Berlin, Germany.

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Human Harp


  • Design Ideation and Fabrication
  • Physical Computing (Arduino)

The Human Harp is a public interactive musical installation, an exploration of the movitian, on the Brooklyn bridge in New York with artist Di Mainstone and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. The Human Harp has been showcased and exhibited in Brooklyn New York and London.


The Human Harp is a revolutionary wearable musical instrument that transforms the body's movements into music. Designed specifically to complement the iconic architecture of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, the Human Harp blends the art of dance, sound, and architecture to create a truly unforgettable musical experience.

Inspired by the principles of body extensions, prosthetics, and exoskeletons, we carefully studied the human body to find innovative ways to connect musical structures to the dancer. Our design features a body extension in the form of an architectural harp, supported by the dancer's movements, which mediate the connection between the strings and the body. The body holster is carefully crafted for comfort and mobility, allowing the dancer to move freely and express themselves through dance.

The Human Harp represents a significant advancement in musical innovation, bridging the gap between dancer and musician and inspiring a new era of musical expression.

Our team's goal was to create a wearable instrument that harnesses the power of the dancer's movements to create music. To achieve this, we focused on the spine, which is a crucial component in the dancer's movements. Our research led us to craft hand-stitched prosthetic suits that fit comfortably on the dancer and were connected to musical nodes through magnets.

The strings of the musical nodes were attached to a circular mechanical structure, which could be attached to the Brooklyn Bridge. By pulling the strings, the dancer created tension that changed the tune produced by the musical wheel within the mechanical structure. The result was a beautiful, interactive musical experience that blended the beauty of the dancer's movements with the sounds of the harp and the iconic architecture of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Human Harp represents a major step forward in musical innovation, breaking down the traditional boundaries between the dancer and the musician. With its unique design, it inspires a new generation of musical expression, showcasing the limitless possibilities of the human body and movement.

Walls Have Ears 


  • Design Ideation
  • Physical Computing (Arduino, Processing, Javascript)

This project was an investigation into surveillance and the public’s perception of storytelling in public spaces. We created an interactive installation that mirrored overheard conversations in the room over time.

︎IxD Awards 2014 Winner, Category - Engaging

The prevalence of security cameras in public spaces indicates a growing acceptance of constant surveillance. However, privacy concerns and data retention practices have raised awareness among designers about the potential consequences of their design choices on society. This project aims to counteract the negative effects of automated data recording by using publicly recorded data in a constructive and educational manner.

The concept of an "actively listening" room, which plays back snippets of spoken words, builds on current trends in public events where people share their thoughts through social media. This installation offers a unique perspective on the general mood and topics of discussion in a given space, encouraging new conversations and creating a deeper understanding of the stories that have taken place there.

Our interactive prototype provides visitors with a glimpse into the experience of having a room eavesdrop on their conversations. By displaying selected words from the past hour on a clock face, the audience can observe the tone of the room and gain insight into the types of conversations that have taken place. Importantly, the individual words displayed are not linked to specific people or conversations, so visitors can experience the installation without fear of compromising their privacy.

The interactive installation was inspired by the idea that modern technology can make the public more aware of their surroundings. To bring this concept to life, we utilized commonly available hardware including tablets, computers, projectors, and a WiFi network. These materials were chosen for their ease of use in prototyping the experience and their wide availability, which makes the system scalable and replicable.

Despite the tight timeline of only three days to build a proof of concept, we found that relying on readily available hardware proved to be a wise decision. The resulting system can now be easily recreated by anyone with access to similar equipment. For those planning to build their own version, we recommend using a directional microphone to improve the accuracy of the words deciphered. Additionally, a projection screen displaying the recorded words from the past hour received positive feedback from visitors, as it encouraged interaction and discussion.

Our project sparked interesting reactions from visitors, who saw potential for the installation in a variety of contexts, both public and private. The display of recorded words was highly appreciated, as it allowed individuals to connect, point to, and discuss the meaning behind the words.




  • Design Ideation and prototyping

Building an immersive brand exprience for Titan’s flagship store in India where visitors could explore Titan’s products, philosophy, history, and innovations.

Titan Industries is a leading lifestyle brand in India. As part of the Titan Design team, I designed the experiential zone that engaged its visitors in an immersive brand experience on the history, philosophy and impact of Titan.

The flagship store had five explorative spaces:

Immerse: An emotional experience into the concept of time.
Reflect: This space offers the first direct glimpse into Titan, it's story and history.
Engage: Focus on the aspect of precision and technology.
Discuss: Interviews and stories of the people of Titan.
Deliver: Enhances the story of Titan's vision and it's impact.